Movie Poster Project


Message & Audience: My idea for this poster was to harken back a bit to the classic look of some of the country/western movies from Sergio Leon and Clint Eastwood. I drew inspiration several Clint Eastwood movie posters as well as the poster for Once Upon a Time in the West. My message was to give the idea that you aren’t sure about the intentions of the man in the poster; that there must be some bad things on the horizon but aren’t sure which side if the fence he lies on.  My audience is really anyone who appreciates a great western.

Critique Report: Sister Peterson offered critique of my work advising that I needed to lighten the area around the face. I was able to do that and it helped a great deal. I ended up changing the color tone of the poster by lightening the maroon base layer and dialing back on the orange hues.

Fonts: Title – Nashville (decorative)   Body Copy – Steel Tongs(sans serif)

Images: My image was taken by yours truly, the other images used the in the poster were obtained here:


Old West Town


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