Final Portfolio

Process: Because the content needed for this project was already completed, I reviewed my projects and decided which order I wanted to present them. I used the JPEG files already created for previous blog posts and inserted them into  Microsoft Powerpoint to arrange the works in a presentation format that helped show off my work product. I used a dark blue stone background with grey accent bars for each page’s titles to help tie the design together and create cohesiveness. I created introduction and conclusion slides with calls to action for the audience.

Critique: After posting my project on the class Facebook page, I received critique from classmates Susan Ruske and Matt Seivert who suggested that the portfolio would look better if I were to work on the title alignments and change the conclusion page to match the remainder of the pages instead of standing out so much.  Their suggestions were well-received and overall the look was improved by the changes. 


9 thoughts on “Final Portfolio”

  1. I really love the feel and look that your final project has. It ties together nicely and very professionally. It was nice to get to see all of your work in one place for the projects that I missed. It showcases you well. Good luck out there, not that you need it.


  2. I loved your presentation slides, The colors draw me in and the project look great! loved your logo and typography it give it a clean fresh, modern feel, good job!


  3. I love the background and the handwriting type on the front page, I think it works really well with your project. Good job on mixing up the placement of your design elements to fit the page, yet remaining consistent in the elements that you used.


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